-Level 1 Retention 
-Tension Adjustable
-Both the ASR Belt Loop & Paddle are “3” position adjustable for either Straight Drop, FBI Cant or Muzzle Forward
-Adjustable for belts from 1.25" & 2.25"
-Belt Loop & Paddle are interchangeable with our Tek-Loks & Molle-Loks (SOLD SEPERATELY)
-Can be converted to Dropped & Offset with the “DOH” Modular belt attachment (SOLD SEPERATELY)
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Price $55.00
Fits Glock 17/22/31
UPC Code: 845879017144
Manufacturer Part #: HOLX0076RC1722BLKRH

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Price $55.00
Fits Glock 19/23/32
UPC Code: 845879017151
Manufacturer Part #: HOLX0076RC1921BLKRH
•Total Eclipse 6-In-1 Holster
•Includes Straight Drop and FBI Cant E-Loops
•Inside-The-Waistband Wings with Klipt Attachments
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Price $55.00
Fits VP9
UPC Code: 889216019781
Manufacturer Part #: HOLX0107TEHVP9BLKP1

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Price $55.00
Fits Glock 19/23/32
UPC Code: 889216011662
Manufacturer Part #: HOLX0107TEGL19BLKP1

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Price $55.00
Fits Glock 43
UPC Code: 889216020374
Manufacturer Part #: HOLX0107TEGL43BLKP1
-Positive Lock Trigger Guard™ witha Level 1 Friction Fit with an adjustable tension screw.
-It is interchangeable with Precision Fit Belt loops that are available for 1 ½” & 1 ¾” belts
-Made of thinner.080 material it highly concealable being contoured for comfort to reduce hot spots when carried over long periods of time.
-Pancake Style Holster that offers a smooth, quick draw from concealment that will not collapse, making sightless (low light) re-holstering quick and easy.
-Full length sweat guard prevents direct firearm to body contact while still allowing for a full combat grip.
-FBI Cant only
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Price $73.00
UPC Code: 845879008975
Manufacturer Part #: HOLX001000881691
-Straight Drop Belt Holster
-E-loop 1.5"
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Price $73.00
Fits Glock 19/23/32
UPC Code: 845879084313
Manufacturer Part #: HOLX010125906333